Creating Lasting Memories for Dying People

People often will keep the voice-mail message of a loved one who has died, just to hear their voice. Kate Carter takes this to a whole new level.

In 1998, Kate’s best friend Tairi was dealing with breast cancer. Tairi’s husband had recently died of ALS. They had young children. Kate says, “I sat around crying, wondering how I could help.”
Kate ran a medical transcription business in Santa Barbara, CA. She began thinking there was “something more meaningful” she was meant to do. Waiting for that something to appear, she signed up for a TV production class.

What started off slowly with a few videos a year has now grown into a full-fledged non-profit operation, LifeChronicles, that has created over 1,500 videos.

The video experience is, Kate says, “more than I expected. At first I thought it was about telling stories. I didn’t realize the therapeutic value for families. Some things need to be said. Families have a chance to resolve issues and tie up loose ends.”

It's a terrific read about a woman who has given so much to these families. You can read the entire story here.