Surprise and relief.

It’s a common theme we hear from our customers’ spouses and adult children. Once you get past the initial challenge of starting the conversation, end-of-life planning can be very rewarding. Having all the information pulled together makes things a lot easier on a family after a sudden illness or death.

And having some of the softer conversations about your life and how you want to be remembered can open up a treasure trove of stories. So look through some old pictures together. Take a walk down memory lane. You have made a difference in your life, and it should be celebrated and recognized.

  • Gracious Exit is what every person needs to ensure peace of mind for themselves and their loved ones. I have had the opportunity to use the tools for myself and have found them to be invaluable in planning and organizing my own affairs so that my family will not have the added burden of trying to access necessary information at a time of personal loss. I can’t say enough about how helpful Gracious Exit has been and to how many people I’ve recommended it!
    — Cynthia Stewart Reed
  • Gracious Exit’s thoughtful workbooks on organizing one’s affairs have been invaluable to my parents. My father’s Parkinson disease led to estate planning and thinking about how to organize so that they are not leaving a burden on the surviving spouse and their children. My caregiver mother and father greatly appreciated how easy it was to use the planning guidebooks.
    — Cherie Raidy
  • Gracious Exit is a wonderful guide to artfully manage all the most difficult challenges and unlimited opportunities in the later years of your life. It is about giving yourself the opportunity to make the final chapters in your life your best chapters with the best outcome.
    — Dennis Gertmenian